David Meier, the owner of Glenns Creek Distilling, has always had a love for where things are made, how they are made, and the level of craftsmanship that went into their making. This love of creation was one of the driving forces behind his career in manufacturing and yearning to create something of his own. He had been mulling over different manufacturing based business ideas, looking into current businesses, and struggling to find something that would keep his attention for years. But that’s when he happened upon the Old Crow Distillery. Seeing the exorbitant level of craftsmanship that went into the old buildings and seeing the state that they were in after being abandoned for 30 years brought up a mix of sadness for the current state and intrigue for what it must have been like in its prime.


David started to research the history of The Old Crow Distillery to get a better feel of what role the old distillery played in the bourbon industry and Kentucky. The distillery wasn’t just a source of jobs and bourbon, it was innovation incarnate. The famous bourbon was originally produced in 1835 by Dr. James Crow using the sour mash process he perfected, and which has essentially become the foundation for bourbons since then. David’s interest had been caught, he wanted to recreate a new bourbon produced in the style of Dr. Crow; something that Dr. Crow would drink and approve of.


The road ahead to restore and preserve these great buildings is a long one, but one that everybody at the distillery is willing to undertake. We reuse and repurpose items salvaged from the old buildings and almost all of the work done to clean up the distilling building has been done by us. We have also designed and built nearly all the equipment we use during the cooking of the mash, fermentation, and distillation process. To make a truly hand-crafted bourbon we wanted to make the entire process hand-crafted and custom to our distillery.


The result is a pot distilled, hand-crafted, single barrel, barrel strength bourbon that has no equal on the market. OCD #5 Bourbon is created from a wild yeast collected from one of the original fermentation tanks in the Old Crow Distillery which gives it a truly historical feel and taste.


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