Prohibition Kentucky Rum was awarded a first round Gold Medal in the 2017 Washington Cup tasting competition, and was later selected from a group of 150 distilled spirits to receive one of only six prestigious Washington Cups awarded.

Pick up a bottle today and enjoy this award winning rum!


This is a rum that was inspired by the rich history of Kentucky bourbon and the sweet citrus flavours of Caribbean style rum. We start with a quality molasses base, distill it out of our custom pot stills, and then finish it by aging it in our old bourbon barrels. This gives it that familiar “Kentucky hug” of bourbon, but with all the sweet citrus notes of a high quality rum. It’s not often you encounter a rum at barrel strength that is full of flavour and smooth enough to drink straight, but that is what we strive for. We are at the dawn of a new age for rum, and we are happy to be pioneering new flavours for rum drinkers to enjoy.


Serving Ideas

Rumosa (Take off of Mimosa)

Add cinnamon stick to bottle of rum and let stand 2 days or more for extra zest

In a 16 ounce cup add ice cubes

1 Oz Prohibition Kentucky Rum™

6 Oz Orange Juice (more or less to taste)

Enjoy Responsibly!

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