One (1) hand selected coal nugget from the Former Old Crow Distillery coal bins located above the Westinghouse furnaces and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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Coal powered the Former Old Crow Distillery

Coal burned in 4 massive Westinghouse furnaces produced steam. The steam was used to produce compressed air, ran steam engines and turbines which drove pumps to move liquids, heated stills, cooked mash, heated the buildings and more!


You can own a piece of the coal from the coal bins after the Old Crow distillery shut down. The proceeds from your coal purchase goes to preserve the Former Old Crow Distillery and the legacy of Dr. James Crow to the Bourbon industry!!

Each piece of coal comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. (Disclaimer: Delicious pot distilled single barrel, barrel proof OCD #5 Bourbon NOT included.)


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