When David Meier, the owner of Glenns Creek Distillery started out on this adventure of distilling, he intended to make great, hand-crafted bourbon that would honor the spirit of Dr. James Crow. He did not expect that he would be using yeast resurrected from one of the fermentation tanks at the old distillery, but in retrospect it makes perfect sense as people have been reviving yeast for thousands of years.


David knew that he wanted to create a truly unique bourbon, but like many great creations of the past, OCD #5 is a combination of ideas from all the people who have helped revive the old distillery. We did a lot of experiments and in the end combined several good ideas to create a bourbon unlike anything else on the market.


We believe that there are five characteristics of OCD # 5 that make it unlike any other bourbon.

  1. It is always served at full barrel strength- no water has been added at any time in the process!
  2. It is always from a single barrel (no mingling of barrels)
  3. It has been aged with three different types of oak. (Starting with a new American white oak charred barrel as required by law).
  4. We use our own yeast captured in fermenter #5 for fermentation
  5. We us the traditional method of distillation used for thousands of years (pot still)


OCD #5 is made completely on site from cooking to bottling, and distilled using our custom pot stills. Our maturation process is more labor intensive, but we think it is worth the extra effort. Our aging process is designed to make the flavours as soft as they are pronounced, leading to a smooth and enjoyable experience. This is our most popular bourbon and the staff favourite. We are sure the you will find this to be a bourbon unlike any other!

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