Coming Fall 2020 –  Millville Malt Whiskey!

Millville Malt, a malt whiskey, bottled at barrel strength, single barrel pot distilled with a light hint of peat.  We named this creation in honor of the community which has been the home of great distilleries for almost 2 centuries! We are proud members of the Millville community and represent the values which make this region unique.

Coming Fall 2021 –  A-maizing COB #5 Bourbon and Swheat Bourbon!

A-maizing COB #5 Bourbon handcraft by The Lone Grainger! Corn ONLY Bourbon smooth, sweet single barrel of course barrel strength.

Swheat Bourbon a sweet wheated Bourbon, single barrel and barrel strength!

Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for release dates on each of these new offerings in 2019!

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